Recently I was having a discussion with a couple of friends about which colors are easiest to base an outfit around. I believe that warm neutrals are the easiest because you’re likely to find more colors that complement them perfectly. This Fashionisto shows why warm neutrals dominate — and also shows how easily they complement, well, everything.

What sold this outfit for me was the jacket. The color is, simply put, perfect. Also he’s wearing 2009’s fashion favorite: the band jacket. Band jackets are rare on UNC’s campus, (the few times I’ve seen they the outfit were never anything to phone home about) but this Fashionisto nails it. He pairs the jacket with a plaid shirt and dark brown boots; the outfit reeks of perfection. I love how the plaid shirt separates this from being “just any outfit,” and it blends perfectly with the neutrals.

The Fashionisto also knows how important details are and he does not forget to accessorize. He wears tortoise shell Ray-Ban glasses that complement his dark brown hair. He also wears a light tan bag that gives his outfit a casual air. This Fashionisto informed me that he only chose the bag because it had his name on it, but I’m glad he did because it’s a perfect accessory that establishes the outfit’s tone. He also has a stunning gold watch that I could not get enough of. The watch definitely carries a vintage tone that gives the outfit character.

If you’re interested in this Fashionisto’s impeccable sense of style — as you should be — I’m going to suggest this black vintage band jacket. It’s definitely reminiscent of My Chemical Romance’s “Welcome to the Black Parade.” The gold buttons make this outfit a must have for any Fashionisto. If you’re digging his eyewear then I suggest you try these classic tortoise shell Wayfarers from Ray-Ban. If you adore his boots as much as I do, then you should check out Ralph Lauren’s Brockton boots. Focus on your neutrals and you really can do amazing things with your outfit.

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