LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Whimsically American

Fashion, like any art, needs to stay modern. Sure, retro and vintage are chic, but there is nothing quite like the avant-garde strut of a Fashionisto dressed like the ghost of fashion future. 

Starting with his shoes, we see a classic pair of full brogue honey brown oxfords. Oxfords are so intrinsically “English professor,” and anything associated with Colin Firth in A Single Man is kosher in your closet.  Matched with a pair of slim fitting dark washed jeans, the shoes not only pop, but don’t age the Fashionisto. He looks young and casual even though his en pointe styling is way beyond his age.

A military style peacoat is timeless, but the double-breasted toggles take the look to the next season. The strong collar frames the colorful striped sweater underneath like a work of art — and this sweater is definitely a work of art. Truly, the best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time. But this particular sweater, with tapering stripes and colors, is what we wished rainbows looked like. Explicitly “party on the top and party on the bottom” interesting and whimsical patterns show smart shopping sense. Contemporary college men’s style has guys wearing too many ironic cat T-shirts and purposely ugly thrifted sweaters. This Fashionisto's style bears a message; dapper is finally in, so stop dressing like a homeless Where is Waldo.

We cannot forget about the accessories happening in this outfit either.  Pay attention to the nautical thinly striped belt that continues the tapering lines through the look. This Fashionisto is also sporting a pair of trendy purple sunglasses that are just as sleek as purple sunglasses sound. These pops of color are the refreshing bursts of springtime fashion our campuses need. In the wake of Paris Fashion Week, these reminders of spring are greatly appreciated. It’s like an It Gets Better video — but for clothes!

The leather and canvas bag is utile and fashionable; everything a man’s bag should be. The subject’s outfit is fashion-forward, balancing a classic English prep school template with pieces that have a quirky yet sophisticated American mode. Youthful and relaxed, this ensemble has a sunny Californian disposition. But the ease with which this Fashionisto pulls this look off still makes us feel like we’re four hours late to the party.

Hint: The Coup de Gras of this outfit is the striped sweater. Have fun with your clothing with styles by Jack Spade’s whimsically American clothing. This sweater is the kind of technicolor dream coat your wardrobe is begging for. What’s better than an English shoe style? Italian leather. This Oxford by Salvatore Ferragamo is a modern take on classic stitching. Finally stay warm in this stiff collared J.Crew peacoat. overall, the lesson of the week is to pay attention to Parisian Fashion Week, but keep your clothes domestic. American fashion is sexier than euro-trash, and women (or men) will still want you to paint them like your French girls.

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