There are three key rules to keep in mind when trying to stay stylish at the gym. Firstly, always opt for simplicity. Next, like today's Fashionisto, keep color blocking to a minimum of three shades. Finally, avoid loud or big logos on your workout gear. Take a few styling tips from today's Fashionisto and you might find yourself looking forward to your daily workout rather than dreading it.

When you go to workout you want to be comfortable—but that doesn't mean shrinking inside an oversized T-shirt and some baggy shorts. This Fashionisto has the right balance of fitted and loose clothing. In the chilly climes outside or even the cool air-conditioned temperatures of a gym, it is nice to have a quarter-zip pullover like this Fashionisto. Note how this dapper piece of workout gear is fitted, giving him a clean silhouette. Wearing a quarter-zip pullover or a full-zip track jacket with the rest of your exercise kit to class doesn't look sloppy; it communicates intent to stay fit around your academic schedule. Unlike baggy hoodies and sweatshirts, this piece doesn't make you look like you rolled out of bed. You can try a classic black and slate Champion pullover like this one, or if you are feeling a little more colorful try this fitted track jacket from PUMA with a mint colored zip.

This Fashionisto wore an azure blue, cotton T-shirt under his black quarter-zip pullover, which offers a window of color to his otherwise somber color palette. Cotton T-shirts are the best to wear at the gym, since they are comfortable and quick drying. Avoid white or gray T-shirts, since the former can result in unflattering yellow sweat stains and the latter tends to make you look drenched. If you have an impressive set of biceps, show them off in a sleeveless shell shirt; but steer clear of tank tops. For shorts, today's Fashionisto has the perfect length that sits just above his knee. The slate shade puts the emphasis on this Fashionisto's elegant pullover, keeping the look casual and not overly calculated. For greater mobility having loose shorts like these from Under Armour are perfect. If you want more coverage, do not wear bulky sweatpants. Instead don these sleek, drawstring track pants from adidas. For sneakers, keep it simple in classic white ones, like this Fashionisto's iconic Nike ones, which tie this understated look together. If you want to be more adventurous, try these bright neon Nike sneakers, but be careful to stick to just one other color tone. This Fashionisto's only accessory is his sleek sports watch, and apart from this and an armband for your MP3 player, avoid any other accessories.

If you want to really think outside the box with your workout gear to transition from class to gym, try throwing a sportcoat over your sleek, fitted exercise kit and watch some heads turn!

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