Well, kids, it’s that time of year again. It’s wummer — that awkward period between winter and summer. “Isn’t that spring?” No, that’s offensive, wummer is a lot more official. It’s pretty much a second fall with a lot less leaves and a lot more pollen. Unconvinced as you may be of the validity of this season, I hope I can convince you of one thing, to bring back fall outfits. People are always telling me that they, “love fall clothes.” So stop recycling bad habits and ex-girlfriends and start recycling something that will actually make you, and your ex-girlfriend, a little happier.

This guy understands what I’m talking about. He conquers this look overall because of the classic autumn colors flowing throughout his outfit. Here’s the breakdown of why this look works: his dark blue, gray and olive plaid shirt serves as the base and pallette for the rest of the outfit. Since blue is the main color of the shirt, it was smart for him to incorporate the other crutch colors into the rest of the outfit. His olive chinos and gray T-shirt are are examples of this balance. Any more blue and this outfit would have been overkill.

Like I said, just look in your closet for the autumn outfits you’ve set aside for awhile. If you are in more need of inspiration, check out J.Crew, GANT or even a local thrift store. You are bound to find something. Trust me, you need to get on this ASAP. Before you know it there will be a Grease 3 with a song called “Wummer Lovin’”. It’s inevitable, and your new outfit should be, too.

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