LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Year Of The Gentleman

Admit it: there is always a Fashionista/o on campus of whom we are always jealous for achieving that effortless, clean-cut look on a casual day of class. For the girls, this Fashionista may be the picture of perfection in her chic pencil skirt and pointed toe skinny heels. For the guys, this Fashionisto may don his best suit on a regular class day, providing “It’s Wednesday” as his justification. 

Today’s Fashionisto is just that guy.

At first glance, I could not help but to suppress my intuition that there was something unmistakably European about today’s Fashionisto. His style radiated with such an essence that this look would not be out of place in a spread of Vogue Italia. To my heart’s content, I was delighted to be reassured of my suspicions when this Fashionisto confirmed that the European influence in his style came as a result of having lived in Paris, France.

While most of us can appreciate the go-to jeans and a T-shirt TGIF ensemble at the end of a hectic week, this Fashionisto concluded his week on a tastefully fashionable note on a Friday afternoon in Square 80. Weather-conscious, he layered a bright red button-up with an ash gray cardigan. Over this, he wore a striped navy blue suit with a pocket handkerchief that complements his red button-up shirt.

Remember those pants that have been hiding out in your closet since your friends mentioned jokingly offered you a boat and a paddle the last time you wore them? Well, since then, “high-waters” have lost their fame to the politically correct “rolled cuffs.” Lately, the trend among many Fashionistos on campus has been to hike the hems of their pants higher and higher, and some have incorporated some fun into the trend by wearing ankle socks with eye-catching prints. (In other words: it’s cuffing season—pun intended.) This Fashionisto was no exception; he cuffed his tan-colored pants right at the ankles to reveal his grey trouser socks and camel-colored moccasins.

As for accessories, he chose a burgundy, envelope-style document case in a leather finish—complements of le Sénat (French Senate). He also wore a pair of black, square-frames sunglasses, and a simple black scarf to combat the chilly weather.

This look is simple, and the color palette and warmth content are great for the fall season.

Hint: As clean-cut as this ensemble looks, it can be achieved effortlessly. To re-create this look, start with a solid button up shirt layered with a solid cardigan and suit. (The pocket handkerchief, also known as the pocket square, is optional, although it adds a nice touch.) Pair this with your favorite pants, cuffed right at, or above, the ankles, and pointed loafers or moccasins, which Bally has a great collection of. Finally, accessorize with a document case like the one featured. If you do not own a document case, a brief case or murse will do. And voilà!

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