LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: You Can Stand Under My Umbrella

Rainy days are what you make of them. While some see wet weather as an excuse to dress like they just rolled out of bed, I see it as an opportunity to play with a new waterproof wardrobe. So throw away those sweats, put on those wellies and don’t let DC rain on your fashion parade!

I spotted this Fashionisto relaxing in University Yard. Even though the clouds were clearing, his rain ready outfit was easily the most handsome thing on the yard. His natural hued Orvis Luxury check flannel looks crisp yet cozy tucked into his Levis 511  jeans. The camel Orvis stitch belt is a handsome accent that really completes the outfit. His Ferragamo chocolate suede ankle boots emulate that classic rugged chic that is very in style at the moment. The shoes complement the earth tones of his outfit while demonstrating durable fashion on a rainy day. This Fashionisto has not trouble staying dry and stylish in his Barbour Sapper jacket. This particular waxed cotton coat is a classic staple because its color and material are so versatile to any color palette or occasion. His placement of a collectible Park City pin inside one of his jacket’s buttonholes is a fun extra touch to spice up the earth-toned apparel and adds a hint of personal flavor to the attire. Easily the best part of his ensemble is this Fashionisto’s vintage umbrella with a one of a kind duck head handle. A fun umbrella is a great way to spice up anyone’s rain wardrobe and will truly make your ensemble unforgettable. Ray-Ban wayfarers complete this Fashionisto’s rainy day cool kid look.

Having trouble finding the perfect stormy day look? Luckily, most major cold weather outfitters are raining options!  For a great waterproof jacket, Barbour has a never-ending abundance of waxed cotton jackets. Just make sure if you live in a really cold or wet area you purchase the jacket liner and hood! Both zip in and are great staples to fight those freezing downpours. For those of you prefer trendy utilitarian to classic preppy styles, Belstaff also stocks great waxed cotton coats. If you can’t seem to draw away from those fun bold colors, Penfield sells some handsome outerwear as well. For a more affordable version of this classic coat, try J. Crew.You can shop for fun flannels at any major preppy outfitter. I recommend Rugby, J. Crew or LL Bean for flannel shirts that are trendy yet reasonably priced. While specialty luxury umbrellas, they are truly unique and will last a lifetime. If you’re willing to make the investment, a Pasotti or Swaine Adeney Brigg umbrella is the way to go.

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