LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: You Give Me Butterflies In Denim

Ever since Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake stepped out in those hideous denim ensembles for the 2001 American Music Awards, I said to myself, “never again,” to the denim-on-denim look. I'm sure I wasn't alone in feeling skepticism when denim-on-denim made a huge come back in the 2010 spring/summer collections of designers from Chloé to Ralph Lauren. In fact for men, this look has carried a lot of approval and even I have found myself casting an admiring glance in the direction of a gentleman adopting this trend. That is why when today's Fashionisto showed me how he effortlessly donned this look, I traded in my skepticism for admiration. 

What used to be known as the “working man's garment,” denim is now a fashion essential for everyone. In last week's post I discussed the importance of finding a pair of good jeans that fit, the same does not necessarily go for a denim shirt. This Fashionisto decided to wear his loosely over a white shirt and even said how his style embodies a casual and loose aesthetic. By breaking up his denim-on-denim outfit he does not overwhelm his look with one chunk of material, instead his look pieces denim together, like assembling a patchwork pattern. This Fashionisto has paired his dark blue, slim-fit jeans with a light blue, acid wash shirt. His jeans are also much more rugged and worn, while his shirt has a more delicate, elegant quality to it, particularly because of the ornate butterfly print. I really admire men who can take a perceived feminine look, material or pattern and make it androgynous or masculine. The subtle, cream butterfly print is actually the first detail that caught my eye and it gave his bold look a soft edge. The butterfly is actually a symbol of evolving, it is definitely not just the trademark symbol of diva Mariah Carey! Don't hesitate to take risks with different prints and colors, we live in an increasingly sexually ambiguous society and breaking free of gender norms and stereotypes is always stylish. 

This neuroscience major also shows us how to accessorise. Though he had some interesting bracelets on, I was immediately drawn to his watch. For men who are a little wary of accessorising a stylish watch is a great detail to add to a look. Kanye West, a style inspiration for this Fashionisto, has come out in every kind of watch imaginable, from a blindingly gold Rolex to a unique white G-shock watch. Similarly this jet-black watch with gold detailing stands out against the light hues of this student's outfit. The strap has a crocodile skin pattern to it and adds a rich flare to his look. There are lots of unique watches out there and you can try a modern LED screen watch like this one from Topman, or opt for a more traditional watch, like this one from Urban Outfitters. The finishing touch to his outfit is this Fashionisto's cushioned, suede chukka boots that are definitely fall footwear. Chukka boots are a great, fashionable alternative to the tough hiking boots and army boots that have been dominating men's footwear trends. They are both functional and fashionable as they offer you style and comfort with minimal effort. 

Whether you're trying to mix black and brown, wear verticle stripes with horizontal ones or trying to pull off denim-on-denim, look out for the major rules when it comes to turning a fashion faux pas into a street style trend.

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