LET’S HERE IT FOR THE BOYS: Set Sail to Basics

Playing up the neutral palette collectively in a look, is a back to basics way to dress while fashioning a classy element. With neutral undertones in the plaid button up corresponding to the dark brown Sperry Top Sider’s, this Fashionisto was on point — by keeping to a basic combination of pieces it is just as favorable as stepping out of the boundaries. Print matters, color matters, and style matters, and it is all about getting each component fitted and crisp to what works for you. With cooling weather, natural and warm colors are so fitting as a sports shirt and Sperry’s are formal for classes, which this Fashionisto clearly displays.

A combo of a plaid button up, jeans, and boat shoes is a tasteful and refined way of dressing that can be altered from its basic state as well. It is relaxed as it is, but by adding a blazer and darker hued jeans, the whole ensemble goes from daytime wear to business meeting or dinner party attire. You can also play up the boat shoe trend and supplement them with dressy oxfords to add a more sophisticated feel to it, or you could go more hipster and switch in Chuck Taylors. Toggling in different styles of key pieces like the plaid button-up, jeans, and oxfords, it is hard to stray away from creating an overall classy and stylish look. With winter rolling in, keep on the neutral palette to create an element of warmth. With only three key pieces to buy, there is no excuse to not utilize this timeless fashion. It is a preppy way of dressing that will always supply men with a polished manor.

Hint: Stay around sandy colors to create a subtle and low-key fashion while the strength of the three key pieces will add a, “I know how to dress well,” appeal. Style and fit is just as important. Do not buy an oversized sports shirt or one to tight, make sure it fits right, along with nicely tailored jeans. Denim wash is important; go for solid washes (no major acid-wash business), honoring basics is vital to accomplishing a classy way. Classic fit, boot cut and skinny jeans are favorable. Sperry Top Siders are a popular and respectable boat shoe company that offers a plethora of styles, all matching up to a preppy and traditional position. You can find sports shirts at J.Crew, Urban Outifters, Gap, and the majority of stores carrying menswear. As for fabrics, nicer ones fittingly are more appealing to the eye and add a smarter and chic feel.

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