LET’S HERE IT FOR THE BOYS: The Redcoats Are Coming!

Every current piece of apparel seems to always hint to trends of decades past. From those dreaded 80’s shoulder pads to groovy flared jeans, all styles come back around to be revamped by the next era of Fashionistos. Style has no expiration date and while some of these looks come and go, others are now valued as a timeless classics. One of these quintessential classics is the token British scarlet jacket. Between the internationally respected British troops, 18th century hunters clad in Pink hunting jackets, and modern day superstar band, the White Stripes, this scarlet frock has been worn with pride to exert strength, originality and infamy. It is only fitting to commend this style’s international celebrity and everlasting respect.

I spotted this Fashionisto strolling through University Yard while taking a breather from a day of studying for finals. Given my borderline unhealthy obsession with Jack White and my general love for bold statement blazer, I was instantly engrossed with this dapper dude’s entire outfit. His Rugby chinos with skull embroidery maintained the outfit’s playfulness while the pants’ navy hue prevented them from being obnoxious.  He layered his crisp white Brooks Brothers shirt with a handsome Ralph Lauren v-neck sweater and tie in matching heather grey. This combination of polished pieces in basic colors is great it can either create a subtle yet refined outfit by itself or be used to complete a look while highlighting a statement piece. However, the Pièce de résistance of this Fashionisto’s attire is his custom made Brooks Brothers double-breasted red blazer. The vibrant scarlet color of the jacket is a perfect complement to the rest of the outfit’s hues and makes each component’s detailing stand out, specifically the skulls on his trousers. He tops of his layers with a gorgeous wool Operations overcoat. Matching the blazer’s vivid hue to the coat’s crimson collar lining is a unique added touch. The Fashionisto pulls his look together with Church’s suede oxfords, IWC watch and collection of sentimental bracelets. Note his Ralph Lauren fox cufflinks; even they have the ruby accents in their eyes!

Want to emulate this Fashionisto’s fiery red-hot look? Luckily, you do not need a custom wardrobe to acquire the same style of timeless pieces! For a pair of charming embroidered pants, there are many different options at your disposal! For a classic pair, Ralph Lauren’s hound military chinos, LL Bean duck pants and Brooks Brothers horseshoe embellished trousers are constantly sold online and in stores. For a pair of seasonally festive slacks, J. McLaughlin stocks different styles for Christmas and New Years. Murray’s Toggery Shop also offers holiday themed pants along with a variety of other patterns in corduroy, seersucker and chinos. For a scene stealing sportscoat, Topman and J.P. Tilford Samuelson have an abundance of colors to choose from. For those who are crazy for crimson, Polo Ralph Lauren and Hugo Boss sell their own version of the Fashionisto’s cardinal coat. To procure a classic cold-weather coat, Zara, Banana Republic and J. Crew all have a dashing yet affordable selection of outerwear.

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