TREND: Menswear Chic

Flexibility in fashion is a beautiful thing. The art of changing clothing’s original meaning can create some inspiring combinations. Initially retailed as men’s khakis, this Fashionista managed to compose them in a wickedly cool menswear inspired ensemble. She took the basic and managed to metamorphic them into a sophisticated, mature outfit.

Her Balenciaga style blazer instantly caught my eye. The rich navy style guarantees you to find some seriously chic ways to incorporate velvet into your wardrobe. Velvet-focused looks shouldn’t be wildly dramatic; rather they should feature simple silhouettes to allow the material to shine. I like how this Fashionista balanced it with neutral colors. And, nonetheless, she chose a beloved basic: the white oxford button-up. A piece so simple, yet so timeless, the versatility it allows is endless. Whether it be worn over a bathing suit, tucked into a pencil skirt, or sported with leggings, it’s a statement piece that instantly screams chic. Moving down to her menswear khakis, once relegated as business-casual trousers, they are now being regarded as a necessity of utilitarian hue. I particularly like how this Fashionista rolled up the bottoms, not in an attempt to guard against the dirt, but instead add more originality into the outfit. The little changes you can make like tucking in, rolling up, and buttoning can make all the difference. The hue matching accessories are my favorite. A camel colored belt and camel colored shoes add harmony. They complement each other perfectly to really bring the entire look together. Sporting menswear fashion is tough, you have to experiment and get a little dirty to create the winner. But once you do you will realize the flexibility you have. Start looking through your dad and brothers closets pronto! 

Hint: When dressing menswear inspired wear something feminine whether it be red lips, stilettos, or a chic chiffon.

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