While in Greece I couldn't help but notice the re-emergence of military style, but what I have especially liked, is the way it has been reinvented. No longer is it limited to a fitted jacket, military has moved onto more adventurous trends. As evidence of this, check out this Fashionista at the beautiful Parthenon. She trekked up to this historic site in this fantastic military style romper. So many of the tourists there were stuck in the track shorts and running shoes trap, but I loved the way she stepped out of the box with this fantastic trend.

In shopping European stores, I have noticed more military touches in new ways–think harem pants, day dresses, and summery boots. Even without the obvious shiny buttons and tight fit of a military jacket, a touch of army green or epaulets can show off this trend too.

Try TOMS shoes in an army green canvas, boyfriend style bermuda shorts, or check out Zara's latest collection for inspiration! I love the way they use silk and still maintain a military undertone!

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