TREND: Mini Dress or T-Shirt?

The answer to this question is "neither one nor the other. As a matter of fact, the answer is also "both a mini dress and a t-shirt!" This type of top is a trend on numerous college campuses and has even been worn by the best of the best. Transforming a longer t-shirt into a mini dress not only gets credit for creativity but for versatility as well. Especially in this economy, everyone is trying to get more bang for their buck in regards to their purchases and this item should be on the top of your must buy list. 

This Fashionista decided to wear her grey top as a mini dress while she was walking Kirkwood Avenue in downtown Bloomington. To get this look, try this simple t-shirt from Target. Don’t worry about your dwindling bank account because it will not dent it with this bargain find. Next, place a simple black skinny belt along the waistline like this Fashionista did to accentuate your curves and keep it casual by pairing a pair of bright Keds for your feet.

Next time, try wearing the top as a t-shirt. Pair the same shirt with a pair of bold skinny jeans or bermuda shorts. To finish the ensemble, try a pair of gladiator sandals with a bold necklace for a polished look. So the next time you grab this garment out of your closet, ask yourself this question:  Mini dress or t-shirt?

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