TREND: Mix with Color

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for mixing clothing from different seasons. When I saw this Fashionista I had to stop her. To start, I loved the mix of colors she used in her outfit. The teal blue crocheted hat and the cardigan added a perfect pop of color to her outfit. During the winter months, it is refreshing to see someone steer away from the common colors of blacks and grays, and work in bright uplifting colors into their ensemble.

I really love the look of black sheer tights and denim shorts. It is as if the Fashionista has a nostalgic feeling for spring to come and does not want to let that spirit go, as well as not letting the elements constrict her outfit choices. Her choice of footwear and accessories give this outfit a finished, polished look. She decided to wear Steve Madden Troopa Boots, a small studded side-hanging bag, and a long gold chain necklace with music trinkets on it.

Hint: This outfit is great for going to class in style, or day out in the city. This cardigan can be found in almost any clothing store you walk into. Shoes for me are my favorite accessory, I love these boots, as well as these! It may be hard to find this exact necklace but I found a few that I thought had a vintage edge to them. The first one is a pocket watch and the second is a miniature handheld mirror.

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