TREND: Never Too Many Neutrals

Not only are neutral tones emerging in the environment, but they’re also showing up in many ensembles this spring. A new take on neutrals is making a name for itself on the University of Iowa campus as well. The use of a vast array of neutrals within the same look is both an exciting and refreshing trend this spring. This Fashionista is one of many who have taken a liking to this new trend. She incorporates a number of neutral tones throughout her look including an olive tone as well as an array of brown hues. This Fashionista pairs her olive colored tunic and dual-toned brown belt with a camel colored cross-body bag and sand colored Sperrys. By mixing a number of different neutrals amongst her outfit, this Fashionista allows her look to stand out, and makes her look a little more exciting than it would otherwise be. While many olive toned items were seen on the runways pre-fall 2010, it seems that this color, as well many other neutrals, are becoming popular for spring. Many Fashionistas loved last season’s minimalist look, and incorporating a number of neutrals in your outfit provides a great way to incorporate a new kind of minimalism amongst your spring ensemble. Neutrals are also a great investment for spring, because not only do they go with virtually everything, but they also can easily transition into your fall wardrobe.

Hint: make your look more exciting by incorporated a number of neutrals through your use of layering. Layering neutrals from similar color families makes for a unique, exciting look that perfectly captures the same effect achieved by incorporating softer neutrals for spring.

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