TREND: Nude Kids on the Block

There’s truly something refreshing about seeing a speck of nude in a sea of colors. Although I love the idea of recycling your summer brights into fall (as I wrote in a previous post), it doesn’t always have to be all about color. That’s just one reason why this lovely neutral stormed into the fashion scene last spring and why I took notice to this Fashionista.

The pale peaches and pinks are clearly soft and understated; however, the outfit as a whole can still be beyond eye-catching. With a band of hot pink, this Fashionista not only accentuates her tiny waist but also throws in a hint of neon. The unpredictable aspect of the skirt keeps her ensemble interesting while continuing to incorporate the elegance of this trend.

I think, especially by observing this look, that we can officially drop the negative associations with nude colors. No longer can someone call a ruffled peach skirt lackluster and boring. Spotting a neutral amongst a mottled assortment of blues and greens and reds invokes excitement from the start, not to mention the delight in examining the intricate details up close.

Hint: Using nude colors in every article of an outfit can be tricky; you definitely don’t want to look overly bare. Try pairing multiple shades, from white to peach to pale pink, so you aren’t too monochromatic. Even when considering a flesh-toned mini dress, by adding an accessory with a touch of color or wearing one with usual draping or embellishment, you can keep it interesting and fresh at the same time.

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