One Year of Style with CollegeFashionista

It feels like just yesterday that CollegeFashionista introduced itself to the online world with a small team of writers and only six campuses. This past year has been a privilege working with college fashion enthusiasts around the world who all share my vision for CollegeFashionista and the desire to showcase how fashionable college students can be. With now well over 60 campuses and a 100 plus Style Gurus, words cannot express how thankful I feel to have gotten to this point.

Everyday I am personally inspired by my Style Gurus and the photographs they share with CollegeFashionista. To me, CollegeFashionista is a place where fashion viewpoints can get expressed freely. Size doesn't matter. Labels become irrelevant. And everything is about individuality and creating your own style. College is a liberating experience and that sentiment is only further exemplified in the faces seen on the site daily.

After the thousands of photographs and trends captured, at the end of the day this site would be still be but a dream without you, the at home reader. I thank you all for taking this journey with CollegeFashionista the past year and hope you continue to read the site for years to come. Today's photos are a glimpse of the beginning to now. Enjoy, thanks for reading, and, most importantly, Style On.

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