Whether you spend your Thursday nights at Rick’s or Studio, this is definitely a look to save. Mini dresses and heels have always been obvious choices, but adding in two trends(the cut out back and fringe detail) make the outfit look fresh. Black is the key here: the neutral palette is both slimming and simple, so the look is casually sexy without being over the top.

Hint: The best part about this outfit? The price tag! The dress is just $42 from American Apparel, leaving extra money for Cheesy bread (with marinara AND ranch of course.)

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STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Kicking it into HIGH gear

While sifting through magazines and doing my usual fashion reading, I continuously come across celebrities, fashion icons and trend watches reporting on the knee high boot style for fall. Initially, I despised this look but the more and more I see it I am falling in love with it. Now trust me, I understand the difficulty of wearing such an item when out at bar on a college campus but honestly why not? I think everyone needs to dare to be a little different this school season and wear things outside your typical comfort zone. Don’t go spend your entire intern salary on these statement boots, but there a plenty of reasonably priced knee highs that will be a fun addition to your current collection. Wear this look with a standard white shirt dress you already own and black tights to really give off that biker feel!

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It’s all in the execution and attention to detail that makes this outfit worthy of being crowned a true Fashionisto. His suave demeanor parallels nicely with his fashion forward vintage Shades of Greige shirt and Nudie cuffed jeans. Taking advantage of all pieces in his collection, this Fashionisto wore his fall classic boots in the summer, BRAVO! Whether this Fashionisto is off to lounge with some of his crew or on his way to grab a drink with his lady, he is dressed to kill.

Hint: This look is worth a million bucks, but definitely doesn’t cost it. Reach out to your local vintage boutiques and bargain for a one-of-a-kind piece such as his dress top. If you’re near the West Coast, he recommends Wasteland.

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The College Fashionista

Fashion is evolving. Where thought-provoking designs and personal style were once only available under the bright lights of runways or in the artistic spreads of glamorous magazines, the newest fashion influencers are more accessible than ever. They are the free-spirited girls in your biology class who splatter paint on their lab coats. They are the baristas in your local coffee shop who wear daring accessories to make their dreary uniforms pop. They are the young woman who strut down the isle of your psychology lecture in this season’s must have boots as if she were walking a catwalk in Milan. You are no longer the future of fashion, you are the current era of trendsetters. You are college Fashionistas.

As the

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sweatin’ Things Up In Style

It is obvious that being fashionable does not have to be uncomfortable with current street styles that every girl loves, like yoga pants. Now with fashion powerhouse brands such as adidas, Stella McCartney and Topshop debuting their recent collaborations, it’s obvious that fashion sweats are at a all-time high right now. Every girl loves a yoga pant and now it can look sleek and chic. Dressing for an occasion can now be comfortable and easy with this sporty look.

If you are similar to me, then you are a student juggling multiple classes, internships and probably a part-time job while trying to maintaining an appropriate office style. This means you are probably on the go 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can see celebrities, such as Cara Delevingne to Rihanna, taking these looks from this the runways and bringing them onto the sidewalks. When it comes to fashion and music, they always seem to influence each other in different ways, such as the hip-hop genre. This sporty and comfortable, but sleek style can easily be transitioned into menswear. I spotted this Fashionisto the other day when he was on the way form his job to his internship. His look is effortless and easy while being stylish and work appropriate at the same time.

How To: This look is a very chic and easy to recreate and make your own. I would start off by picking out a really great slim banded cuffed sweats from vince and throw in a pair of Nike Roshe Run sneakers. When it comes to your undershirt, keep it simple with this great basic from Topman and layer it with this quality leather jacket from AllSaints. The Jasper sunglasses from Warby Parker paired with the bleecker leather shopper from Coach that is a look that will leave people staring.


When the weather starts getting warm, there are so many things to check off your bucket list. An outdoor concert is definitely one of the top things to do this spring. It is a great way to spend time with friends and family, enjoy the sun and listen to talented musicians. One of the best parts about an outdoor concert is the wardrobe! From Coachella to Firefly festival to summer concerts on the lawn, my favorite thing to do is to check out outfit choices.

This Fashionista caught my eye as she was making her way to see her favorite band. She is wearing an amazing colorful top that I could not look away from. The top is a sheer material with a sort of floral/kaleidoscope design. The mix of black, orange, blue, pink, purple and green works perfectly in a way you wouldn’t think. The more colors the better in this top, and the way it flows in the wind adds to the overall outfit. Paired with this shirt, she is wearing dark denim skinny jeans. The jeans are casual and cute which is great because her shirt has so much going on. Last but not least, her shoes pull the whole ensemble together. Her shoes are lace pastel pink. The pop of color is so unexpected but goes so great with the colors in her shirt. They are loud and fun, perfect for the occasion of a concert!

One Simple Change: This outfit can be worn for a night out with friends as well as a concert with a few changes. She can swap out the denim jeans for a dressier black pant and change the shoes to a cute wedge. This would dress up the outfit perfectly for a night out!

WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Getaway

It might just be the overdose of sunshine I’ve been soaking up lately, but all that’s been on my mind has been taking a scenic weekend getaway – so much so, in fact, that my sister and I decided to plan our own East Coast road trip adventure this summer.  I already have my favorite sunnies tucked away and a romantic maxi dress just waiting for its debut on a Carolina beach.

Whether you’re headed to a remote, sunny location or the bright city streets, dressing stylishly while on the road involves constructing multiple outfits from minimal pieces to create the illusion of a full wardrobe. I usually stick to one pair of pants, a few tops to mix and match, a pair of leggings and a maxi dress that I can dress up or down for day and night.

Maxi dresses are the perfect juxtaposition of casual and dramatic. This Fashionista caught my eye in an instant gliding through the streets of Oakland in her Lanston jersey maxi dress. The draped racer back delivers extra drama, while the nude color and cinched waist are extremely feminine and flattering. With a multitude of waistlines available in maxi dresses (empire, A-line, etc.) all Fashionistas are bound to find a style, print, fit and color that is perfect just for them. Try one similar to this in a sunnier color or pattern for summer days or an elegant silk one for nights.

Any weekend getaway with minimal clothing options requires accessories to experiment with. A delicate hand chain is an unexpected accent that’s been on my radar lately. Paired with a chunky ring on the opposite hand, this Fashionista’s adornments couldn’t be any more harmonizing. Her Lucky Brand sandals are neutral enough to pair with just about any summer outfit. Try a fancier, embellished pair of sandals or fun wedges when taking this dress from day to night.

Comfortable, fun and flattering are all key aspects to keep in mind, especially for a vacation wardrobe. Maxi dresses embody all three of these traits, and Fashionistas from coast to coast are guaranteed to find the perfect one just in time for summer.

One Simple Change: If you have an upcoming graduation to attend, a maxi is an appropriate outfit choice for the occasion. Add a denim jacket and some statement earrings to spice up the dress and you’re good to go!