The Pant Style You Are Already Wearing Is Major For Spring

If you are hoping to hear the words “skinny” and “jeans” when talking about the most on trend pant style for spring, you may just be surprised. The pants of the moment are the exact opposite. No longer are these skintight suction cup pants ruling the fashion world. Instead,¬†the culotte¬†is staying strong and our circulation could not be happier.

If hearing that word scares you, you might not be doing the trend right. Culottes can be a little scary at first. In theory, these oversized wide-leg pants seem unflattering and, dare I say, frumpy.

However, there’s a secret to their success. It all comes down to the length. Finding the perfect length can be difficult, but you’ll know it’s right when it hits directly above the ankle.

Check out how these fashionable college students are staying “cul” and fashionable.

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As you can see, the trend can be done with just about everything. Pair it with sneakers, heels, T-shirts, blouses, or whatever you can get your hands on. Although skinny jeans may be foolproof… culottes are what’s cool.

Will you be rocking them this season? Sound off in the comments below! And if you want to take on another controversial spring trend, check this out.

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