It’s not just the cute little outfits all the “yogis” wear that first made me intrigued by yoga or the miraculous ways that they can twist and turn but rather the passion and love that seems to come with each yogi’s mat. Today’s Passionista, Megan Lukic, seems to have the whole yoga package: the perfect summer bod, the cute outfit and the ever so adorable personality.

 Megan Lukic



CollegeFashionista: What first drew you to yoga?

Megan Lukic: Yoga has always been referred to as a stress reliever, and as stress goes I definitely have a lot of it! I’ve always been someone who worries about everything and everyone, and after one of the hardest years of my life, I needed something new, rather I needed a new release, for all the stress.

CF: Did you fall in love with yoga right away?

ML: No, at first it was hard, but the classes lead to the good feeling of sore muscles thus becoming an addiction for me. There’s nothing I love more than being pushed to, and past, my limits and yoga really did this for me. At first I was skeptical about the whole being one with yourself mantra that so many yoga gurus talk about ,but I soon found, as corny as the saying goes, that it couldn’t be more true.

CF: What inspired you to get your yoga license?

ML: Like I said, there is nothing I love more than being pushed past my limits, and I wanted to be able to provide this sensation for other people. I also knew how tough it was being a beginner and knowing nothing about the art of yoga, so I knew I could be a patient teacher.

CF: What would you say your favorite part about being a true yogi is?

ML: My favorite part is feeling centered and relaxed post yoga classes which allows me to maximize my workouts (other than yoga obviously). After a morning session of yoga I feel calm and ready to take on the day. It has also really helped keep me in shape — something that’s really important to me. I guess what it comes down to is that yoga has helped me in so many different ways, mentally and physically, and has truly helped me grow as an individual. It sounds silly I know, yoga is just a sport, but for so many people its almost a form of therapy, and a time in your day where your mind is only on your mat. With being a college student comes a lot of stress so I highly recommend yoga!

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