This week’s Passionisto is not your typical guy. He does not only love dance but he includes fashion and business as his interests. He is one of the remarkable dancers from his batch and a De La Salle University student Dean’s Lister. In fact, he has already competed in many street dance competitions with his dance group: La Salle Dance Company-Street.  What intrigues me the most is how he can do all these things and not falter? He never ceases to impress us. I took the chance to interview him in spite of his busy schedule and took his photograph where he is busting his moves at the dance studio.

CollegeFashionista: Do you still remember your first performance?

James Jason Martin: I was in grade school and it was super messy because I was a kid then. I didn’t know the principles of dancing at that time.

CF: Do you have someone that inspires you when you dance?

JJM: My dad because his source of income was dancing. He’s an overseas Filipino worker. He had a crew where they get to dance inside clubs and get paid for it. I’m inspired by him because he was able to raise me and my brother before his current job. He’s also the reason for my passion for dancing.

CF: Having mentioned that, do you think talent is inherent or a process of continuous learning?

JJM: For me, talent is a process of continuous learning. If it’s inherent, what will happen if you don’t like the talent that was given to you? Based on my personal experience, my brother has an innate talent for singing. He didn’t like it and he stopped developing the talent. If you really passionate for, let’s say, dancing, you will really look for ways to learn more and find more channels to do it.

CF: What was the biggest hurdle that you had to face in order to do this?

JJM: My parents support me when it comes to dancing. When I entered college, they kind of limited the support they’re giving me because I have to be really serious with studies. I surpassed that obstacle by talking to them and have an agreement that I should have high grades in order for me to continue this passion for dancing and performing.

CF: When you perform, is there a certain accessory or clothing that you must have and you can’t dance without?

JJM: Yes! Bow Ties. In my crew, I am the only one who wears bow ties. I think I look smart when I dance with them. Also, when we dance, I always wear one thing that is unusual.

If you want to know more about his group go to their Facebook Page: La Salle Dance Company-Street Facebook Page

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