TREND: Perfectly Patterned

Among all of you Fashionista/os, there are those who dress simply and those who love to experiment with patterns and prints of all different styles. Wearing patterns is a great way to express your personality through clothing. Whether you rock flowers, paisleys, stripes, polka dots, plaid or another trend, patterns are a unique way to decorate an ensemble. It is important for your outfits to make the transition from summer to fall along with the weather. One sure way to accomplish this is through patterns and their respective colors. Bright polka dotted patterns channel the energy and sunshine of summer, but as autumn progresses, patterns must evolve to fit the season.

This Fashionista knows the ideal way to transition her patterns to fit the time of year, while still accommodating for the unseasonably warm weather Connecticut has been having. Her sheer, hippie style Madewell shirt is perfectly patterned with small navy blue, tan, and cream flowers. The long sleeves on the shirt and the dark coloring make it appropriate for the season. She paired the shirt with shorts as, though it is technically fall, it definitely has not felt like it! Again, this Fashionista chose to adhere to the rules of the season by sporting tan leather boots in a slouchy style that compliment her shirt. To finish the outfit and add a little funk, she is wearing a gold American Eagle watch that resembles Michael Kors' pieces, but is a much more affordable option!

Hint: When wearing patterns, it's still important to pay attention to color. Though you may love a pattern, it is key to ensure that it also contains colors that flatter you. Plus, don't forget to make sure the pattern is not too busy. If there is an intricate pattern you can't resist, pair it with something simple to offset it, just like this Fashionista did.

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