Let’s face it – we all have those days. Time gets the best of us and we barely have time to brush our teeth let alone have time to perfectly coordinate our outfits like we want to. When I spotted this Fashionista, I admired the time she took to find pieces of her wardrobe that all fit together so well even with her booked student schedule. As she searched her closet, she made sure to pick a color that looks great on her. She clearly loves purple, but she doesn’t go overboard with the tinted harmonization.

The purple, crochet hat is a beautiful addition to the outfit because it puts forth a classy yet cozy vibe. She also incorporates layering by topping off her light purple tank top with a chic 70’s style, ¾ sleeve blouse. It is versatile and lightweight so it works perfectly in the ever-changing fall weather. The purple wedge sandals are fun and flirty and show off her purple, pedicured toes. Wedge sandals are often more comfortable than heels and are suitable for everyday wear especially trekking from class to class on a large campus. Check out these gorgeous Gabriella Rocha wedge’s that are a steal!

Purple is a festive fall color and is the symbolic color of royalty. Many Fashionistas across the country are sporting purple on purple looks like this lovely lady here. Here’s a tip: find a color that looks great on you and makes your inner goddess shine through – not only will you look great, but you will exude confidence and your poise beyond everything else will certainly turn heads.

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