STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Peter Piper Popped This Collar

The Disney feature film Peter Pan tells the story of a young boy, fittingly named Peter Pan, and his adventure in Never Ever land. Peter Pan is unique from other children in that he refuses to grow up. Peter Pan avoids facing the trails and tribulations that come with the territory of getting older.

As college students, we can all relate to having “Peter Pan syndrome”: the feeling of never wanting to grow up. We wish for all of the pixie dust in the world to keep us from the responsibilities that come with adulthood. Although we cannot stunt the aging process, the emergence of the Peter Pan collar trend injects a little childhood nostalgia into our wardrobes, allowing us to hold on to a piece of youthful innocence.

Although Peter Pan collars were first introduced in 1905, tastemakers and fashion designers used a variety of textures and prints to create a novel product, even making the collar an accessory itself. This Fashionista is sporting a white, floral lace collar, which provides an interesting contrast to her turquoise blouse. You can achieve a similar look by wearing this contrast collar piece from Nasty Gal. Another innovative approach to redesign the classic collars is to adorn them using studs, rhinestones and eye-catching metals. This Charlotte Russe piece is the perfect example of a metal-embellished collar. Peter Pan collars have been added to a variety of garments, from warm, winter sweaters to lacey frocks. I am loving the neutral colors and the tailored silhouette of this collared dress sold at Urban Outfitters.

With so many options, Peter Pan collars are an easy trend to mix into our fall and winter wardrobes. The key to finding your perfect collar is to stick to a tailored silhouette, an interesting fabric (think: lace, crochet, leather) and a sophisticated color and print in order to abstain from looking childish. With this in mind, you will able to sport your collar as the fashion-forward Fashionista that you are.

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