No matter if you are a enthusiastic freshmen heading to your first basketball game or a well adjusted junior hanging out at a tailgate, showing school spirit is something ALL college students enjoy doing. When I was in college, I tended to shy away from bookstore collegiate wear because it was so generic. While on one hand I wanted to have a supply of university apparel to wear to class during crisp autumns in Bloomington, I still wanted to retain a sense of style and individuality. What a conundrum!

I found the solution to my debacle when I came across Victoria's Secret PINK line of university apparel. It was everything I have been envisioning for the perfect college wear: stylish, well-made, and unique. With such great pieces for a variety of campuses, now there doesn't need to be a pep rally or sporting event to show your support for your college.

We love the brand so much that CollegeFashionista has teamed up with Victoria's Secret PINK to show readers how our Style Gurus from across the country show school spirit in style for all different occasions. From their bling boyfriend pant to their printed cotton T-shirts, there is a piece for everyone in Victoria's Secret PINK line. Enjoy the Q&A with our Style Gurus, Kendra from University of Michigan, Caterina from University of Miami, and Emily from Syracuse University and learn about why they (and we) love PINK!

And don't forget to submit a photo wearing your best game-day ensemble to Style U and show everyone just how much you love your university in style.  

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style? 

Kendra (Michigan): I would describe my style as comfortably chic, eclectic, and with a hint of androgyny. Usually when the word “comfortable” is thrown around in fashion, it’s often received negatively. However, I’m not talking about loose-fitted sweats and tees; I’m talking about fitted shirts, billowing blouses, skinny jeans, amazing boots, and cute flats. My style is also eclectic and androgynous so I enjoy mixing masculine pieces with feminine details, or vice versa.

Caterina (Miami): My personal style is comfortable with a little bit of flair. I love to pick one or two accessories that make a statement, like a ring or a pair of shoes.

Emily (Syracuse):  I would describe my personal style as rocker chic, but also eclectic. I love all things black and I love hardware on clothing. However, I love to switch up my look often and experiment with different styles of dress, but I always remain somewhat on the edgier side.

CF: Do you have a fashion rule to live by? If so, what is it?

K: I don’t have a fashion rule to live by because I think rules are capable of hindering or leaving you close-minded to new styles or trends. Being fashionable is about taking a risk or walking that extra mile. I admire those attempting new looks, unafraid of looking different. So maybe that could be a rule: always be fashionably brave, take risks, and try something different.

C: Always dress in what makes you feel comfortable. Fashion is supposed to be a way of self-expression, if you don’t feel like you in it, why wear it?

E:  My fashion rule to live by would have to be to not live by trends. We all love to have the new hot item of the season, but I think that making your own trends and you deciding what is hip, is what makes your style more interesting.

CF: What do you love about PINK?

K: I love the variety of styles and options PINK has to offer. Perhaps you’re traditional or simple; they have cute vintage-like cardigans and shirts. Let’s say your style is girly, they have ultra-feminine pieces with flashy jewels and studs. However you define your style, PINK probably has something for you.

C: I love that PINK has a collegiate and a sports team clothing line. Girls can show their spirit in a cute and comfortable way.

E:  I love the flirty vibe, the colors, and I especially love the materials of the PINK collection. The words, bold lettering and the colors of PINK pieces are so fun and light hearted and the materials are to die for. All PINK items are made with such soft and comfy materials that I just can’t get enough of them!

CF: What is your favorite piece from the new PINK Collegiate Collection – and why?

K: I love the PINK scoop neck and V-neck tees. It’s a great alternative to the traditional university tee and can be worn with anything; trousers, skirts, jeans, whatever! When you’re wearing a regular T-shirt, you’re limited to pair it with jeans or leggings. Because you can wear the PINK scoop neck and V-neck tees with a variety of different clothing options, you’re going to be more fashionable, more creative, and stand out from the crowd.

C: My favorite piece is the Sebastian the Ibis studded T-shirt. It’s adorable and it’s something I can wear anywhere; it looks great with jean, shorts or comfy sweats.

E: My favorite piece from the collection is the blue, waffle long sleeve shirt with the orange, white and silver lettering representing Syracuse! The shirt is super comfy and can easily be layered with other items. The silver sparkle on the shirt makes it stand out even more and adds a flirty aspect to the shirt.

CF: How do you style PINK to make sure your outfit reflects your unique fashion sense?

K: In order to style PINK to make it reflect your personal fashion, I think one should incorporate PINK pieces into their everyday wardrobe. Treat PINK as if it were any other article of clothing from your closet. By doing this, you maintain your unique fashion sense. Why would you change or adapt it for one piece of clothing?

C: Well PINK’s clothing always has detail on it, so I try to pair it with something plain (sweatpants with a plain tee or hoodie with jeans) and then I accessorize it with jewelry.

E:  I pair PINK merchandise with unexpected trendy pieces from my closet to achieve an update look that I can call my own. I love rocking a denim vest or denim button up over my PINK long sleeves or T-shirts. I also accessorize with some studded bracelets and a pair of killer, rocker boots that are decked out with zippers and other hardware to add my edgy flare to the ensemble.

CF: Where do you wear PINK?

K: Personally, I wear PINK for informal or casual events such as heading to the gym, going to class, hanging out, or going out for a meal with friends.

C: Almost everywhere! I usually wear it to class and the gym, they’re the comfiest for early morning classes and studying late nights at the library

E: The great thing about PINK is that you can wear it everywhere. I wear their sweatpants to the gym, I wear their sweatshirts and T-shirts to class, while running errands and while lounging around. Also, mostly all of their items are made in such soft and comfy materials that I’ll wear them for pajamas too!

CF: If you’re going out in PINK, how do you style it differently than if you’re lounging around your room?

K: When lounging around, your wardrobe is extremely minimal. For going out, it’s all about accessorizing. By adding accessories such as scarves, jewelry, belts, and tights, you can transform a versatile PINK outfit into one for going-out.

C: I’ll wear it with a cute pair of shorts and maybe wedges to add a little more detail to it!

E:  If I’m lounging around at home in my PINK gear, I will usually be decked out from head to toe in PINK. If I’m going out to run errands or to go to class, I’ll pick one PINK item and add it into the mix of my outfit. Generally I’ll dress a PINK long sleeve or T-shirt up with a pair of jeggings or black jeans and boots to achieve a casual chic look.

CF: What styling tips do you have for rocking PINK and looking effortlessly fabulous?

K: Because of its design and appeal, PINK serves as a wonderful outfit base. Through pairing PINK with unpredictable clothing pieces like trousers or a skirt instead of jeans, you begin to form a unique look. Accessorizing is a way to transform any outfit. By adding detailed pieces and accessories, you develop a look that distinguishes you from others. For me, I wore a navy blue and gold watch I bought in Toledo, Spain that’s different from most watches. Through wearing this watch other accessories and unpredictable pieces like these trousers, I differentiated my look from other typical game-day styles.

C: Always wear it comfortably! You don’t need to over do it to make it look fabulous, PINK has so many different cute pieces, just find one that suits you best and pair it with outfits you normally wear.

E: The key to styling your PINK gear is to mix and match the items with trendy items in your closet. Layering a denim button up or knit sweaters over your PINK long sleeves or T-shirts will get you a casual chic look that looks pulled together and effortless. Or you could pair PINK tops with unique bottoms like boyfriend jeans or a distressed gray or black skinny to look more trendy. Then all you have to do is accessories with some bangles or some funky boots and you’re good to go!

CF: Check out Style U on VSPINK.com. Which campus do YOU think has the best game day style?

K: Easy question. The University of Michigan, of course! Forever, go blue.

C: Tough pick, I think Penn State has a really cute and classy college style.

E: I think that the University of Arizona has amazing game day style. I love how the girls really get creative and make their own ensembles to represent their school pride. Cutting up T-shirts and making them into tank tops, tube tops and dresses is an awesome idea and it really showcases their personal style, while still representing the University of Arizona. And I love how they go all out with face paint and beads!

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