How to Plan Cute Dates on a Budget

As college students, we often feel the stress of saving and stretching our money while still having a little extra to buy cute clothes, go out with friends, or plan dates with a special someone. Those long hours put into that either really great or not-so-great summer job don’t have to disappear in the blink of an eye when you want to enjoy the warm weather with your boo.

A good way to spend virtually nothing is to plan a sight-seeing hike (or driveĀ if you don’t feel like getting sweaty). The area I live in has so many beautiful nature scenes that it becomes a fun adventure to pick a new place to visit and hang out. My boyfriend and I visited a hidden waterfall, which also doubles for a swimming date if it’s hot enough. Whether it be in the country or city, there are always little gems to make your own. If you live in the city go check out any rooftops, botanical gardens, or plan to drive out of the city for the day!

Another sweet date (literally) is to go berry picking since it is the season of strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and so on. Farm stands will often have a pick-your-own option, and we went to pick strawberries. We try to see who can find the best looking ones and how full we can make our crate, which ends up being roughly under $5.

Picnics are definitely one of my favorite, cheap dates when the weather gets this nice. It can be a full meal or just some snacks, which is what we did. All you need is something to sit on and an idealĀ spot to lounge. We picked a huge, quiet, grassy hill, but parks or the beach work perfectly too. Buying groceries to eat is usually going to be cheaper than eating out at a restaurant as well.

For some quick outfit inspiration, my denim skirt is from ASOS, my top is from Buffalo Exchange, my belt is from Urban Outfitters, and my shoes are Vans.

These are just a few simple ideas, but dates don’t have to be extravagant to have a good time!

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