These Dorm-Friendly Plants are Pretty Much Impossible to Kill

Earth Day is just around the corner. In tandem with beach clean-ups, gardening, and extra attention to recycling and reducing waste, your own home can be a host for environmentally friendly décor.

Besides being fodder for Instagram, plants actually enhance your living space beyond just creating “aesthetic.” The can provide filtration for the air, may help you live longer, and add some gorgeous color to your room.

A bonus for college students is that a house plant requires i. little care, ii. minimal space, and iii. are relatively inexpensive. (Win, win, win!) But the same succulent doesn’t work for everyone.

Whether your style is more bohemian or minimalist, here are the best plants to literally and figuratively make the world a little greener and more stylish.

If you lean more towards the flowy, free-spirited style, banana plants and fig leaf plants are chic assets to have. Placing them in the corners of your room on top of a cool rug, or finding smaller but similar plants to hang from macramé planters are nice ways to fit them into your theme.

(Photo via @bystephson)

Emerald green is one hue that won’t take away from your all-neutral, black and white aesthetic. Deep-colored plants like sansevieria, and small, wispy air plants are great options to keep things minimal and green.

(Photo via @beedurst)

When you find yourself lusting after long road trips through deserts, stargazing, and long summer days, cacti will help you throw it back to your hazy memories of exploring wide open spaces. There are endless varieties and you’ll be able to stick with your decorative plan whether you pot them in a paint-chipped wooden planter or in a chic cow skull vase.

(photo via @theelspethblog)

When planning your next big trip tends to always get prioritized before studying, you want plants that remind you of all the places you dream of traveling. Whether that’s allowing a viney snake plant to wrap itself around your blinds, or a fiddle leaf fig tree to remind you of a far away forest; you’ll be daydreaming in no time.

(Photo via @mmoor)

How are you making your living space a bit greener? Show us on your own “plantie” on social!

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