Reflecting on the past week of my life, the only word to adequately describe it is surreal. Walking in Fashion Week is a lifelong goal for most aspiring models and definitely a dream to the everyday Fashionista. Being the Founder of CollegeFashionista and consumer of all things fashion related, I have seen the tremendous impact websites and bloggers have on the fashion industry. Polyvore + COVERGIRL also value the power of bloggers and created the first ever live blogger event that showcased some of my favorite fellow bloggers walking the catwalk. I was honored to be chosen to participate and strut my stuff down the runway. The experience was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and something i know I will cherish forever.

Living like a true model, Polyvore + COVERGIRL hosted dress rehearsals, fittings, makeup and hair trials and gave us bloggers the chance to experience just how insanely crazy and fun walking in Fashion Week is.

This event came completely full circle when I had the chance to wear designs by Dana-Maxx and Lauren Pomerantz, two former FIT students. It was equally as thrilling to walk in the show as it was to watch the effort they put into getting a show together. It gave me a new appreciation for the design side of the industry and all the design students who contribute to CollegeFashionista.

While the pressure was on and I was beyond scared to walk the show, I wouldn't have traded the experience for anything. Enjoy some behind the scenes images from Polyvore Live and to see a full recap of the show, check out on Polyvore

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