TREND: Rainy Day Woman

Waking up to pouring rain outside your window can definitely put a damper on your mood, but don’t let it put a damper on your style. Looking cute while staying dry is easy! This Fashionista put on an adorable straw hat to protect herself from the rain.

A hat will not only make you look cute, but will keep your hair dry and looking cute. You can try a straw hat, like this Fashionista’s, or a cloth fedora, like this. A larger brimmed hat can also be chic and very effective at battling the rain.

This Fashionista also shows how to maintain comfort on a drab day, while still looking great. Her oversize flannel is definitely comfortable, especially paired with jeggings. She dressed the outfit up a bit with a pair of structured boots. While hers have a slight heel, this is not necessary; a flat boot can look just as classy as her heeled boots do. A great pair of leather boots is definitely an investment, but they don’t go out of style and they last forever!

Despite the pouring rain outside, this Fashionista strolled into class looking cute, comfortable and dry! Rip a page out of her look book, and test this outfit against the weather.

Hint: Flannel can be expensive; to get around this extra cost, check out your local Salvation Army.  They have a huge selection of great flannel in the range of $5-$10.

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