TREND: Red, White and Blues

Although it isn’t the 4th of July anymore, or even summer, red-and-white polka dots paired with blue jeans are always appropriate and adorable. This Fashionista brought a classic look back to the forefront of fashion with this awesome outfit.

Red-and-white polka dots aren’t only reminiscent of Minnie Mouse! This Fashionista’s cute tank has just the right amount of polka dots; there aren’t so many that she looks like everyone’s favorite lady-mouse, but just enough to be cute and eye-catching. She also found the perfect balance of polka dot size. If the polka dots are too large, they tend to be distracting and not flattering, where as smaller ones are much more attractive.

To balance out the femininity of the polka dots, this Fashionista cuffs her jeans and wears a boyish saddle shoe. This gives the outfit a boyish charm, which balances the girly top. This outfit maintains a perfect balance.

So Fashionistas, even if it isn’t Independence Day, don’t be afraid to sport some vintage polka dots. Other great polka dot colors are navy and white or black and grey. Take inspiration from this Fashionista and remember the above tips, and you’ll look great!

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