Remembering Jellies, A Modern Rendition

Remember jellies? Yeah, that strange fad in the early ’00s where people would slip sparkly plastic onto their feet. Well, that fad is back, but instead of pairing them with fluorescent pink Bermuda shorts and a graphic T-shirt, we are modernizing (they have heels now)! This is one of the most unexpected yet exciting fads to resurface. A great way to think of fashion, and keep an open-mind about it, is that it is like a pendulum. It is constantly swinging, reaching back into an era, only to revitalize and transform that era in the present.

Jellies have actually been around since the ’80s, but the early 21st century was when high-end fashion designers began to reinterpret them. For the most part, we can agree that it didn’t work out that well at first. I remember elementary school was loaded with them, and looking back, they had to go. But thank goodness, they’re back. After making that first big appearance in the early 21st century, crashing, and burning, designers have found a way to make them the perfect staple piece for any outfit, and here’s why:

1—They’re something different. You probably have about four pairs of suede shoes, and six pairs of leather shoes, but why not add in an eccentric new style to your wardrobe. Shoes already have the power of making or breaking an outfit. Jellies have that power with an additional pinch of uniqueness and guaranteed attention. Which brings me to my next point:

2—They’re an attention grabber. Their ability to stand out is not hindered by the fact that they are a mere plastic shoe. They sound underwhelming when represented that way, but their impact on an outfit is certainly far from it. When scanning a room full of people wearing similar shoes, jellies will be your wingman. They will make sure you get the attention you deserve.

3—They’re a conversation starter. Jellies can be the spark to a conversation with both those who know about them and those who don’t. If someone doesn’t know what they are or hasn’t seen them before, then this is uncharted territory! A whole new world of shoes that you just opened the doors to. Now you get to talk about them and perform the deed of sharing jellies with the world. However, if someone does know jellies, then they will appreciate the fact that you have brought back that style. Jellies have the ability to induce a sense of nostalgia, once childhood shoes, now matured.

4—They’re versatile. These are not a one-time-wear purchase. Jellies have many different attributes, which are brought out within different outfits, bold and casual. Its translucent appearance makes it an “unclashable” shoe, meaning you will never have to worry about patterns or colors. Whether you are going to class and wearing boyfriend jeans and a vintage T-shirt, or going out with friends and wearing a little black dress, jellies will make your outfit. Any outfit you think might be a bit too out there, jellies will give you that extra push of confidence to wear it. You will look that good.

5—Anyone can wear them. As much as this is a college-aimed website, do not limit yourself if you are younger or older. These shoes, as versatile as they are with clothing, are just as versatile with people. There is no age limit to what you can wear. Embrace that confidence, and show it to the world with your bold shoe choices.

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