RENT THE RUNWAY: Three Campuses, One Dress

Are you bored with your wardrobe of single wear dresses? If you're not familiar with Rent the Runway, I suggest you educate yourself now. This Web site is a college student's must-have when looking to update your wardrobe with designer pieces on a regular basis. The catch- this Web site is entirely based on a rental policy where you are allocated a certain amount of time to rent a dress. With over 95 designers and an array of sizes and styles, RTR has made it possible for readers like yourself to wear the most lavish pieces around campus.

We decided to have a little fun with Rent the Runway and illustrate how versatile their pieces can be. A single rental can take you all over campus. We picked one of our favorite current pieces and showcase the Proenza Schouler Fresh Floral Dress on three different CollegeFashionista Style Gurus. We chatted with them about how they make this rental dress their own. Check out what Sammy (University of Wisconsin), Nathalie (University of Southern California) and Shana (George Washington University) have to say about the dress! 

CF: Hey Sammy, tell us about your experience with the RTR Proenza Schouler dress and how you made it unique? 

Sammy Luterbach, University of Wisconsin: Once I discovered my love for this dress, I was extremely excited to try it on with every accessory I own. I decided that my favorite look I tried on was sort of industrial with a splash of Lady Gaga mixed in. The dress could easily work for daytime with flats and a cardigan, but why not edge it up with a huge chain necklace, black tights, zipper covered boots, and silver statement sunglasses? I hit up Madison’s bustling State Street, where anything goes, to be my runway in this fab ensemble.

CF: Nathalie, tell us how you styled the RTR Proenza Schouler dress?

Nathalie Didier, University of Southern California: This Proenza Schouler black and white dress is classic and ultra-feminine. As soon as I laid my eyes on it, a vision of Jackie O with her extra large, ultra-round sunglasses came to mind. However, if I were running around a day on campus at USC, I would probably deck the dress out more Southern California cool than East Coast preppy. With that, I decided to relax it down from prim pearls and kitten heels to more beatnik. The flower-print dress has a more boxy shape to it, therefore I decided to pair it with a high-waisted belt. Instead of opting for black, the belt I chose is brown suede, just because I wanted to add more contrast and chunkiness to the daintiness of the sundress. This dress is great, because it can be dolled up for night or worn casually for day all the while looking extremely polished.

Since the prints of the dress are quite elaborate, I kept the jewelry to a minimum and paired a studded/jeweled bronze cuff in order to accentuate the brown in my belt along with chunky rings on either hand. For a casual cool vibe and due to the shorter length of the dress, I paired the it with my brown suede boots from Zara that have a funky chain detail on them. They provided a little bohemian touch to the otherwise ultra-ladylike dress.

To top it off, my favorite pair of Ray Ban oversized aviators complete the look. In the end, I created a daytime look that coalesces cool and sophistication.

CF: Shana, what is your favorite thing about this RTR dress? How did you make it work with your own personal style? 

Shana Cothran, George Washington University: This Proenza Schouler dress perfectly combines modern style with a 60s flare. From a distance the dress looks like a rough texture but in fact it is a delicate silk fabric. During the fall and winter I like wearing a lot of leather but I always try to add a feminine touch. The feminine 60s housewife cut and silk fabric allowed me to add my own unique touch with accessories. I wanted to avoid a polished look by adding my vintage leather jacket and new combat boots with red socks.The combination of silk and leather allowed or a modern downtown chic look.

For more about Rent the Runway, check out their Web site and sign up for your membership now! 

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