When I think of summer, one of the first things that comes to mind is outdoor concerts, with numero uno being the unbeatable quality time on the beach. Summer is a time to chill out, relax, and unwind from a grueling year of hitting the books and sitting in the library. While many may think of big summer festivals including Coachella and Bonnaroo, Cornell students like myself narrowly think of our little celebrity festival called Slope Day. Aptly named because it is held on what is referred to as the “Slope,” a humungous hill on campus, Slope Day is filled with parties, concerts, and activities to celebrate the last day of classes before finals. This year, students, such as this Fashionista, rushed to witness the fabulous Drizzy Drake perform for Cornellians, while wearing their greatest concert apparel!

As shown by this Fashionista, an outfit for this occasion is required to be fun, comfortable, and useful. A baggy, thin, pink tank featuring a large rose pattern allows for the Fashionista to feel cool in the heat, with the black boyfriend cardigan coming in handy for the early morning and late-night thaw that one experiences at an all-day concert. Her black leggings complement the proportion of the long tank and are perfect for feeling protected from the sun and lounging on grassy Slope without getting dirty (as is often the case on the Slope). Of course, what would an outside event be without a pair of dark aviator sunglasses and a chain cross-body patent leather bag to hold all of the essentials such as water, sun block, and emergency food.

I found a similar floral burnout tank and marbled zipper leggings at Forever 21, lightweight cardigan at Old Navy, quilted across body bag at Asos and aviators at Claire's.

Hint: For the warmer days of summer, I suggest pairing a long tank with thin, patterned leggings and crisscross sandals to minimize your chances of overheating! Also, portable fans always comes in handy on hot, sunny days—don’t allow the temperature to distract you from your favorite musical talents (like Drake)!

So embrace summer concert attire and enjoy the music, the sun, and the freedom!


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