STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Say Yes to White after Labor Day

We have all heard the saying, “no white after labor day.” I always wondered about the origins of this fashion myth. It turns out the reasoning behind this rule was due to temperature. Yes, temperature. Since white reflects light, it does not soak in the suns warmth, leaving the body colder.

You know what this means. Fall is in the air! It is time to put away that sundress and start accessorizing with scarves and marching around town in your favorite pair of boots.

This Fashionista isn’t playing by the rules, and I love it! She is transitioning her wardrobe from summer to fall by matching white pumps with her skinny jeans. You can find affordable white pumps of your own in many varieties by visiting

Her graphic tee top is the perfect match for this rocker style and I must say she pulls it off very well! Find a top similar to this that fits your personal style by clicking here. The best part of this outfit is the pumps. She pairs the white with black accessories which makes those stylish shoes really stand out.

This girl is the definition of Fashionista, not just because of her rebellious choice in wardrobe, but because she makes this style her own. I could tell just by looking at her that she is a lively individual with a spunky attitude. She strutted down the street knowing she looked great and she was right!

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