With the extra gusts of wind this season coming from Lake Michigan, Chicago's streets have been hectic with frozen air and powerful blows. That's why you constantly see everyone so bundled up where you can't even see their faces. Although, there has been something else other than wind that has been storming the streets: berets. Large, small, black, or white, this seasonal accessory has been seen on many Columbia heads around the campus. The only thing is that they haven't just been any kind of beret, but wool berets. With that, the Fashionistas and Fashionistos can roam the streets and beat the gusts of wind with their warm, fashionable head pieces.

Berets have been around for ages: put on the heads of royalty, officials, politicians, military, celebrities, and now on us students today. They were first brought into this stylish world in 19th century France, where it was a basic for men with money or royalty. Through the years, we have seen fashion grow for women from where they basically could not show any skin, to being able to wear whatever they want! Originally conceived for men, the beret has now been accepted for women, making it one of the hottest accessories. With this student, she is wearing one made of wool and that has a flower detail, making it the ultimate wool beret.

As for the wool aspect, it is a textile fabric that is used constantly in the fashion industry. Wool is quite popular with coats, gloves, scarves, hats, pants, and sweaters. My advice to you students is to try and find those wool berets we keep seeing on these busy streets. If the beret style is too sophisticated for your style, and you just want something more casual, no need to fear! Slouchy berets are stylish too, and are also cheap and warm. Nonetheless, both styles are great to have this season, so grab one before spring creeps up behind us and takes away our favorite winter accessories.

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