STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Sequins For Day? Okay!

Move over, no white pants before Memorial Day, there seems to be a new fashion myth in town. Just as some shun the crisp color before summer, similar narrow minds are eschewing sequins before nighttime. While scintillating and reflective, sequins demand attention. Thus, it is easily understood how these flecks of sparkle are associated with ritzy nights on the town and flukes of Moet. Yet before long, the champagne runs dry, night turns to day, and all those sequins are put away.

Rather than retiring your sequins until the next sundown soiree, take a cue from this Fashionista, who dispels the myth that sequins must be reserved for nighttime. She pairs a gold sequin top from LF Stores with a navy and forest green flannel, skinny jeans and chestnut combat boots. By mixing her sequins with relaxed and grungy pieces, she creates a casual look with an understated element of glam. She further downplays the screams of the sequins by topping her outfit with a black and tan knit infinity scarf. This adds dimension to the outfit, detracting from the exuberance of the sequins, and rounding out a cohesive, complete look that is entirely suitable for day.

So the next morning you look in your closet and shake your head “no” at that sequin dress or top, think again. Ignore the myth, pair glitz with grunge, and introduce your sequins to the day. You’ll be glad you let them come out to play.

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