Simple Styles to Add to Your Wardrobe to Survive the Summer

I have a little of a love/hate relationship with summer. I love the sun, boating, flowers, farmers markets, and all other good things about the season. Although, I hate getting hot and sweaty in some outfits. Even if I’m just hanging out at the lake, I want to look cute and simple without sweating. So, how do we do that without internally screaming because we’re dying from the heat?

There are so many ways to play up your summer essentials such as trendy bikini tops, hats, and T-shirt dresses to match your everyday summer vibe. We all want to look like we’re trying, without really trying. Here are some ideas of how to stay looking and feeling cool with the summer sun beating down on you.

1—Mesh. The key to wearing clothes without really wearing clothes. Especially if it’s a T-shirt dress, you can just throw it on top of your bikini—how easy.

2—Bikinis. Bikinis have come such a long ways since the original triangle top. With so many styles and colors, I wish it was socially acceptable to just wear them as tops. If you’re living life by the beach, bikini tops are probably your choice instead of a shirt. Pair them with cute bottoms, accessories, a loose top, and out the door you go!

3—Slides. Personally, I’ve ditched the flip-flops and bought myself a pair of slides. They’re easy to slip-on and you can get a pair to match any occasion. From brunch to a casual walk, there are tons of options for slides.

4—Ripped Boyfriend Jeans. I know it’s summer, so why jeans? I mean with all of the rips, they’re basically like air holes… right? If you want to throw on some jeans without suffocating in them, then ripped boyfriend jeans will give your outfit a breathable edge.

5—Hats. Not only do hats protect your face and scalp from all those UV rays, but it’s an instant outfit game changer. Throw on a trendy hat, like the ones with all the fun sayings and graphics, to play up your outfit.


The nice thing about the summer season is your outfit can be so versatile. Anything really goes and you have way more options than just throwing on a parka—sorry winter. Play up your summer essentials to rock an outfit without melting under all that extra fabric. Stay looking and feeling cool this summer fellow Fashionistas!

How do you stay cool in this summer heat? Show us your go-to summer trends and tag @CFashionista!

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