Simplistic Summer Style

I love summer! However, what I don’t love is summer heat. Living in the Florida temperatures can be rough, which makes it difficult to put outfits together that are breezy and comfortable. Sometimes simplicity is the best path to comfort. Today I will be sharing with my simplistic summer style that is classy yet comfortable in the heat and humidity.

To date, this is one of my most favorite summer outfits. Not only is it adorable, but it’s also comfortable for the outdoors! To start this outfit off, I love this stylish burgundy crop top. One thing I love about crop tops is how versatile they can be. Yes, it’s easy to wear the top as intended and show a little skin, but I find it fun to discover new ways of utilizing the top. I love how form fitting it is, as well as it’s ability to pair with my skirt.

Next up is the skirt I am wearing: a light blue chambray skater skirt. Not only is this skirt soft as can be, but it poofs out at the waist, reminiscent of the tutus that I practically lived in as a child. The chambray has the comfort of jean fabric without the rough, heaviness of the material it mimics.

Another item on my simplistic summer style list is an amazing thrift store find. These shoes are one of my favorite and most used purchases. I love the look of a ballet flat with the elastic wrapping that goes up the leg. They’re comfortable and sassy: a great addition to this outfit!

Finally, I keep it simple in terms of accessories. A single necklace puts a little flare in every outfit, which is exactly why I have chosen this small bird necklace. This black mini backpack pulls the whole outfit together without being bulky or taking away from the other pieces.

Summer is the best time for cute clothes; however, every Fashionista knows that comfort in the hot summer months is a must. That’s why this outfit is my top pick for simplistic summer style!

What does your simplistic summer style look like? Post about it on social media and make sure to tag @Cfashionista so we can see it!

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