TREND: Simply Ladylike

Goodbye to racy and androgynous dressing and hello to the era of ladylike fashion. When dressing ladylike associations such as white gloves, confining undergarments, and pointy shoes immediately come to mind. While although this look seems to be the antithesis of effortlessness, there is a way to channel this beauty without so much fuss. Take a point or two from this Fashionista who offers a stuble and modern way to wear this ladylike style. It isn’t too girly but has the right amount of sophistication and elegance and is reminiscent of ‘50s feminine style.

I greatly appreciate a garment that instantly makes a look appear effortlessly polished, i.e. the blazer. It’s one of the new articles of clothing that can refine almost any ensemble. A blazer can upgrade jeans and tee, add structure to a flirty dress, and sophisticate a pair of trousers. Thus I couldn’t resist noting this Fashionista’s pearl colored tweed jacket. The timeless fabric of tweed is perfect for transitioning into seasons. It gives a sort of Coco Chanel or Grace Kelly allure. The ruffles add a simple yet striking detail, almost resembling flowers. The blush pink blouse underneath adheres to the girly-ness of ladylike. The off-white and pastel colors are refreshing for the longer darker hours of fall.

To complete the ladylike look, remember to mind your manners and social graces, or else everything else will look like mockery for once a lady, always a lady.

Hint: Investing in a detail oriented blazer can add excitement to any outfit. It’s versatile and necessary. It’s a simple way to add a touch of grace to your look.

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