TREND: Skater Chic

For some, fashion isn’t about Manolo heels, Gucci bags or Hermès scarves. For these trendy Fashionistas, fashion comes in the form of Keds or Nike high-tops and hooded sweatshirts.

Nike makes a quality shoe that can be personalized to fit you. This Fashionista picked a design that embodies her bubbly personality and matches her colorful outfit. Plus, it’s okay to take a break from the three-inch heels every once and awhile and elect to wear comfortable shoe. Just make sure you save your worn down tennis shoes for taking out the trash or raking up leaves and wear your nice and clean high-tops around campus or out on the town.

Skinny jeans are always in style! They work very well with her high-tops because she is able to show off her creative footwear. Form fitting and flattering, skinny jeans give any outfit that extra boost and send out a playful vibe.

This Fashionista stays comfortable and warm with her zip-up hooded sweatshirt. Sometimes it can be difficult to wear a hoodie and boast that off the runway appeal instead of looking like you just got back from the gym. Because this Fashionista pairs her zip-up with skinny jeans, high-tops and a fashionable tee, she works this look quite well. It is all about how you wear your hoodie that makes all the difference!

Skater chic is more than just rocking a hoodie and high-tops – It’s about being yourself and letting your vibrant personality shine through. This Fashionista creates a style that is all her own and that is what fashion is all about!

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