TREND: Slick and Stylish on a Rainy Day

At the first sign of rain, we normally hide under a big umbrella or run to the nearest shelter. But even when the weather is dreary and the skies are gray, a true Fashionista never misses an opportunity to show off fresh fashion. Instead they embrace this occasion to show off some weather appropriate clothing. It can definitely be tough to dress for a rainy day for there are so many things to consider such as what kind of material to wear to how to stay dry without sacrificing style.

This Fashionista proves rainy days can be slick and stylish. She manages to combat the weather blues with an updated rain-jacket – a military inspired field jacket. The gray color allows her more versatility than the usual army green. Her simple bundled up scarf is functional for it keeps her warm but still looks chic, whereas her oversized silver watch and sizeable cocktail ring keep the look glamorous but still appropriate. Moving down to the black boots, as motorcycle-meets-equestrian hybrids, they seamlessly transform to accommodate many different looks. These traffic-stopping boots are so aggressively chic that they make all other cold-weather options look passé. While many opt for the traditional paisley patterned boots, this Fashionista stands strong in black. So while her gray ensemble may compete with the gray skies, her fashion makes for a sunny day.

Hint: For dressing in the rain suede is off-limits and leather that hasn’t been treated with a protectent can be easily damaged. Trench coats are another stylist option instead of simple rain jackets. And make sure to carry a chic pokadot umbrella for when it’s raining cats and dogs!

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