Style Guru Bio: Sonali Rupani

I am Sonali, and I'm Emory's Style Advice of the Week Guru. At Emory I spend my time concentrating on Operations Management and Accounting in the business school, and taking part in a competitive dance team on campus. My favorite part about the fashion world is styling. I love waking up every morning and putting together an outfit, even if I'm just going to my Yoga class. Rather than looking through magazines and watching the television for ideas on what to wear, I talk to my classmates and friends to find inspiration. And just like every other girl out there I love a good shopping spree, but I thoroughly enjoy bargain hunting as well.

Every Monday I will start your week with a Fashionista whose outfit I know has a particularly exciting aspect to it. I hope to encourage you to find creative and new ways to wear your own clothes, and to provide you with fresh ideas for buying your new clothes. I hope you have an amazing, productive, and thrilling summer.

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