TREND: Spare the Sweats

Sleepless nights in the library and even longer lines at Starbucks are officially upon us. It is a common conception that since we are spending quality times with our books instead of with our friends that we can digress into looking like we just rolled out of bed. I beg to differ. Just because we are locked away in the library doesn't mean we should be sacrificing style in our outfit choices. Of course we are not going to dress to the nines, as this would require effort that we aren't capable of since our eyelids can barely stay open long enough to evaluate our closets and choose something amazing. However, by making small tweaks and substituting what we associate with comfortability, like sweats, for more refined and stylish pieces, such as stirrup leggings, we can maintain the same level of comfort yet look chic doing it. 

I spotted this Fashionista doing just this. She looks effortlessly cool and casual with a pair of stirrup leggings tucked into over the knee leather boots paired with a plain white blouse and black leather jacket. To accessorize she rocks a deep blue pashmina. All of these pieces have their less fashionable counterparts: leggings have sweats, leather boots have UGGs and leather jackets have oversized hoodies. Yet, you feel exactly the same in terms of comfort, so why not follow this Fashionista’s example and step it up a notch? To recreate this look, try a pair of over the knee boots by Steve Madden. Wear your most comfortable loose fitting blouse or tunic under a chic leather jacket, simialr to this one from Rag and Bone. Top the look off with your favorite brightly colored pashmina to give it that extra pop of color. 

Hint: Dress smart and layer up when you know you are going to be spending long hours in the library. The temperature varies and being too hot or too cold is really distracting when you are trying to focus. I love a plain T-shirt under an oversized blazer or a long sleeve basic cotton shirt paired with an infinity circle scarf.

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