Special Interview with Designer Mira Fannin

CollegeFashionista’s University of Oregon Guru, Breanne had a chance to get up close and personal with some designers showcasing their collections at Portland Fashion Week (October 7th-11th). Below is an interview with Mira Fannin the creative designer behind Sweet Skins. Not only is she the nicest person ever but her collection is full of comfortable tops, dresses and pants that are great for class. My personal favorite check it out Fashionistas…

CF: What is your favorite look from your collection and how can a college student adapt it to their own wardrobe?

Mira Fannin: This years fashion show will probably be a little bit more on the dramatic side. I have some denim overalls and little denim shorts. I’d say it’s really accessible clothing.

CF: What is your one favorite inexpensive fashion must have?

MF: I think leggings are the bomb. They are a good

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