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While one of our other correspondents from Cornell is studying abroad in sizzling Paris, I am still covered in a light dusting of snow here in not-so-sizzling Ithaca. Walking around campus is a mucky hike through slush and snowflake shamals that can whip up and engulf you. Students mostly trek through the wintry mix in snow boots and parkas with no particular aesthetic appeal. However, professors know better. Well, at least this one does.

As I waited for my coffee today in the library café, I stared down at my snow-soaked boots and couldn’t help but notice a flash of fiery red on the footwear of the man standing next to me. It turns out he is not a student, but a French professor of French, bien sur. Extrapolating from his outfit, I think it teaches us three style lessons.

First, keep it simple. A charcoal wool suit and gray dress shirt set a calm backdrop for other touches. Secondly, rev it up. Color is one of the easiest ways to inject personality into guys’ wardrobes. I was first arrested by the red rubber trim on his Timberland boots, which are, by the way, monogrammed with his initials. But his neon orange watchband and red and lavender pocket square also give it a punch.

In a recent GQ interview, renegade fashion designer Phillip Crangi cautions men not to be afraid, saying, "Developing personal style is a learned skill, and sometimes you just have to fail. I know I've made mistakes. The important thing is having the balls to try."

The third lesson here is to dress for the occasion. For a young professor, a dark suit with neon accessories works. Of course the average college guy wouldn’t be caught dead in a suit unless he had an interview, but the surprising touches can still serve as an inspiration. Neons, reminiscent of paratrooper cords and construction equipment, are a great idea for the guy who wants to make things pop without getting girly. Style blogger Tommy Ton has captured some great Posted on Categories UncategorizedTags , , , , , , , , , ,

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