This week's Fashionista is sporting a simple ensemble of navy blue shorts, a white, tank top and unassuming gladiator type sandals. The reason why she stuck out to me is for her jean jacket cutoff vest. The light wash vest complements the shorts and adds a unique element to her outfit. Jean jackets have forever been a staple in every girl, and for that matter, guys closet. This Fashionista put her unique spin on the classic jean jacket by making it a cut-off.

A jean jacket reminds me of a summer country music concert. There is such an ease to throwing on a jean jacket over a summer dress. However, and slightly unfortunately, jean also brings me to Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s all jean outfits at the MTV music awards in 2001. Personally, I say that jean should be worn in moderation. Britney Spears’s jean dress was a major fashion faux pas whereas, this week’s Fashionista proved that in small doses jean can successfully be incorporated into an outfit.

Jean jackets can take different forms and come in many varieties. Different cuts and washes allow for different looks. Aside from the obvious designers like Levi and Diesel, Band of Outsiders’ fall 2012 collection featured a male model with jeans and a jean jacket. Jean shirts in addition to jean jackets have become really popular and can be seen in stores ranging from Madewell to Bloomingdales. The jean shirt is a subtle alternative to the traditional jacket.

Go back to the basics and try to incorporate some jean, whether it is a vest, shirt, or jacket, into your next outfit!

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