Personally, whenever I think of pastels, I think of Easter eggs. And when I think of Easter eggs, I think of spring. However, I have noticed that in many of my favorite stores recently that pastels are present. Is this presence of such bold and bright colors a preparation for spring or is it actually acceptable to wear pastels in the fall? After seeing this Fashionista, I could not tell you why it might be considered unacceptable to wear pastels in the fall. After all, she looks simply fabulous.

I spotted this Fashionista dodging the aggressive wind and rain from the hurricane approaching us at George Washington. Despite the emergence of a terrible storm, this girl managed to still look flawless. She is sporting an asymmetrical peach blazer, a white tank, a tan bandage skirt, a silk scarf and dark flats. The first thing that I asked her regarding her chic outfit was that scarf. It‘s such a statement piece, yet it doesn’t overwhelm the eye. Next, I examined her peach colored blazer—a rare find. I had seen this girl around campus plenty of times and she has always been super fashionable and sports the latest trends. Naturally, I decided to trust her judgment that pastels can absolutely work for the fall. Just look at her. She looks gorgeous!

When it comes to achieving this outfit on your own, I would argue that there are two pieces that are must-haves. First, is the bold silk scarf. Though silk scarves are often quite pricey, they are an item that can be utilized for the rest of your life—a silk scarf is timeless! Also, I would suggest a fun colored jacket. This Fashionista chose a peach color, but I wouldn’t be afraid to try a violet or magenta blazer either. Additionally, the skirt can be any color that you want as long as it works with the tank and blazer that you chose to wear. There is no need for it to exactly match the scarf because, as a statement piece, it acts somewhat independently of the rest of the outfit. 

Though some elements of this outfit might be hard to find, they create a fun and bright look that any Fashionista could benefit from. And who doesn’t love pastels? They’re so pretty and are sure to brighten an onlooker’s spirits on a rain and wind infested day here at GW.

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