STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Unleash Your Wild Side

Everyone likes to get a little wild. But sometimes, getting wild can get overwhelming and messy. Looking for an easy alternative? Take a step on the wild side when putting together your next outfit! Many have a different definition of the word wild. Some would define wild as an adjective describing something related to animals. Others would categorize it as a word that means stepping out of the usual norm. Others, like this fierce Fashionista, prove that wild can mean both of those.

I spotted this ferocious Fashionista one afternoon on the corner of 23rd and G Street. The first thing that I was drawn to was that leopard skirt. Leopard is my favorite animal print – it's fresh and fierce. Next, I love that she paired the bold leopard print with a classic blue oxford shirt. The shirt is simple but pairing with the skirt makes it mind-blowingly chic. Next the bootie wedges add some edginess to this Fashionista’s look. And finally, the crisp neutral tote perfectly complements the colors in the skirt. Together, she looks undeniably fashion-forward and fabulous.

This outfit is amazing. What’s better? That it is incredibly easy to put together! Although you might not see a leopard skirt in every store you walk into, there are other skirts with some wild flare that can be easily discovered. Try another animal print or simply go for a skirt with bold colors. Next, the oxford shirt can be traded out with any basic blouse or be animal printed and paired with a basic skirt. The same effect goes for the bag. If you’re looking to keep your outfit on the tamer side, try pairing an outrageous tote with it! The part of this outfit that I think is imperative to have in any closet are those black bootie wedges. They’re so stylish and can go with so many outfits across the several seasons – a true must-have!

This is by far my favorite look that I have seen at GW this year.  As a fan of preppiness, edginess and animal print, this outfit was my heaven. This Fashionista exuded an awesome and eclectic sense of style that I cannot wait to see more of around campus!

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