Street Style Fashion Exclusive: Coachella

There was a common theme this year at Coachella that seemed to emphasize "blast from the past" undertones; bands from Duran Duran, to Ms. Lauryn Hill, to Jimmy Eat World, to Radio Dept., Animal Collective, Best Coast, The Strokes, and some of my personal favorites like Arcade Fire and Kanye West. But it wasn't just the vast array of diverse music spreading from past decades that we loved so much, but also the fashion that mimicked this same trend. I saw fashion statements going back to the hippy-loving '60s, the disco flared '70s, eclectic neon '80s, to the grunge '90s and more.

This year, on the Fashionistas, I saw themes of long, silky, flowing dresses inspired by the '70s, complete with a wide-brimmed floppy hats, among several other looks. Flowing, whimsical printed maxi skirts with bandeau tops, leather/suede fringed vests and jackets, cropped graphic tees, colorful '50s style dresses, and the winner of all looks that was most commonly seen; high-waisted incredibly short jean shorts with some serious, heavy-duty laced up army boots. Mad Men-era round sunglasses with gold-wire trimming shielded the sun from weary, tired eyes, and at night when the temperature dropped, fashionista's whipped out their crocheted, see-through sweaters and long silk cover ups posed as jackets. Of course, no look was complete without an Indian feather twined into the hair, or a jeweled headpiece.

On the Fashionistos, I saw both dapper, suavely-hipster, and grunged-out looks. The tapered jean short made it's comeback, paired with moccasins, boat shoes, and laced-up boots alike, topped off with a short-sleeve formal button up and fedora. Yes, the fedora was still ever-present this year. On the grunge side of the stage, I saw striped tops with dark jeans, and Johnny Depp post "Blow" long hair. On the hipster-chic, light-weight summery scarves, ripped jeans, neon colors and tanks made a big splash. And did I mention, facial hair? Yes folks.. mustaches, and beards, are thicker, fuller, and scruffier than ever.

Through the thick, heavy, almost unbearable heat, die-hard Fashionista's and Fashionisto's risked their chances of being mulled down by dirt, dust, and sweat at the prospect of making a statement or two. Over the years, Coachella has become equally about art and fashion just as much as it is about music- in fact, so many trends we've seen over the past several decades have deep roots in festivals/concerts, and are in a lot of ways deeply connected and influenced from music itself. Artists inspire- and the famous outfits and fashions of musicians have seeped into the way we dress and express ourselves time and time again.

After all, if it weren't for Madonna with her lace, or Courtney Love with her army boots, Joni Mitchell with her long flowing hair and thick cut bangs, or Win Butler with his cuffed jeans and half-shaved head… who would have birthed these trends? 

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