Style Guru Bio: Shadya Houry

In the famous words of Coco Chanel, I quote “fashion fades, style is eternal." To me, fashion is a constantly evolving entity which inspires and guides; however, style is the way each individual chooses to represent their own identity.

Being a student at Goldsmiths University in London, I find myself within some of the most unique and fashionable students in the city. The institute is famous for its artistic creativity where vintage and retro loving students dominate corridors.

Having been a Style Guru at Goldsmiths for the past six weeks I have gotten a chance to explore the stylish individuals around and am looking forward to continuing my column on the CollegeFashionista UK based site.

Although I am surrounded by such extravagantly styled individuals on a daily basis, my style lays within the following three: classic, comfy and chic. My favorite concept in stylizing is the stand out item. I like to keep laid back, however I tend to add a little something, such as a fabulous scarf or bag, to create a trendy balance.

I keep up to date with the fashion world through magazines, fashion blogs and various fashion related events around the city.

Living in London means being surrounded by great fashion, which is any Fashionistas dream, and I cannot wait to continue wandering the streets for more fashion driven individuals and great inspirations.

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STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Maxi-mize for Spring

Winter? Summer! As those up North rug up for the winter, Down Under we are shedding our pelts in favour of flowy dresses, thongs, shorts and tee-shirts. Andy Williams’ “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” croons in my mind as I stare lovingly out of my window at the blue sky, fluffy clouds and beaming sun. With s/s fashions hot off the runway aren’t we lucky in Australia to be able to jump on the latest trends so early?

This week’s Fashionista sang the tune of Alber Elbaz for Lanvin, referencing his latest earthy, tribal, carefree looks for spring. She exudes nonchalant, carefree elegance, coolly draping her leopard print scarf over her shoulders suggestive of a Masai tribesman.

Appearing seemingly relaxed while at the same time the epitome chic in this Maurie and Eve maxi dress. Its taupe colour and web-like detail at the neckline are reminiscent of Lanvin’s tribal references and arm any Fashionista for the urban jungle. For a more quintessential maxi dress, try Camilla and Marc’s Calloway Frock cinched in with a belt like this.

As a college student, especially at a time when exams are looming around the corner, I wouldn’t suggest wearing heels with a maxi dress, although they do make a nice alternative for an evening occasion. The gladiator sandal is an obvious choice but aren’t we somewhat over them? I recommend a bejeweled sandal like today's Fashionista’s or espadrilles like these as they are both height inducing and comfortable (I know they are out of most CollegeFashionitas’ budget, but they’re just too beautiful not to show off!). As you curl up by the fire watch this space for your spring inspiration.

Hint: Add a bold necklace to “maxi-mize” your look!

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