STYLE ADVICE: An Elegant Fight!

An elegant fight? What an oxymoron! Although it may sound out of the box, it’s true, you can have the cake and eat it too. This Fashionista is showing us a delicate play between her girly and edgier personalities, mixing into a territory of combat chic.

Military green is a staple in recreating combat styles. Often times people use this shade in signature pieces such as jackets to quickly construct an outfit, but this Fashionista here took a more discrete route. The same green is displayed in her outfit, however, she opted to center the outfit around her pants. This choice is not only a more unique method of alluding to a military style, but also a nice change from classic denims. Continuing her tough-girl look, this Fashionista is sporting a thick, black belt and combat inspired booties.

While the black and green compliment each other well, this Fashionista does not let her more feministic sense get overshadowed. Her combat boots are accented with stylish studs while she keeps the top more plain with a lavender hoodie. The essentials of this outfit are pretty simple, but the add-ons this Fashionista is wearing pulled the outfit together to be noteworthy. T-shirt and pants are typical go-to outfits. To elevate this ordinary combination, this Fashionista pulled on her favorite patterned cardigan to fight the winter chill and add a splash of color and texture. A quick pull over piece like a patterned cardigan is not only functional, but in this case, it is her statement article. Bright colors and altering shapes on the cardigan ties in an element of fun and excitement to her outfit. You can try using bold patterns to create a similar, eye-catching effect!

Finally, this Fashionista topped off her outfit by putting on an elegant black choker, matching her previous color scheme and also a minimalist, classy necklace. As seen through her outfit, this Fashionista knows exactly what she wants and have no plans on settling for less. Juxtaposing styles within one outfit is okay, just be sure to find subtle ways to tie the two together!

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